Our Subcommittees

 There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to creating environmental change.  For this reason our coalition invites members to join one of the seven different subcommittees. These subcommittees concentrate their efforts on one piece of the prevention puzzle. It takes a community to make a community. Choose a committee that you are passionate about (It doesn't have to relate to your vocation) and help us build our momentum to prevention substance abuse and promoting mental wellness.

Data & Evaluation

This committee drives the efforts around data

collection, analysis and reporting. To be most

effective in our work to prevent youth substance use, we need to understand the risk and protective factors in our community that contribute to the issue. We also look at evaluating the effectiveness of our own coalition work here as well.

Our main data sources include:

  • Minnesota Student Survey (every three years)

  • Focus Groups

  • Key Informant Interviews

Analysing the Numbers

Environmental Stategies

We tackle youth substance use from every angle, and this committee implements some of the most effective strategies out of current prevention research by primarily working on policy and procedural change.

  • Access to substances: We work on policies to limit access to substances in the home, local establishments and schools.

  • Enforcement: We encourage the strengthening and enforcement of policies and practices that deter use (such as enforcement of social host ordinances and family rules).

  • Consequences: We work to establish appropriate consequences for drug and alcohol use.

Increase brand awareness with parents and community sectors.


Marketing & Branding

Recruit parents from every age bracket to be a part of the discussion surrounding youth prevention. Find the best ways of getting our messages to parents and engaging them in conversation about youth substance prevention and mental health awareness.

Parent Communications

& Outreach

Engage community members from the twelve sectors to create a network of supporters that bring resources to the table to better the lives of our students.

Community Partnerships & Engagement

School Engagement

Collaborate with the Wayzata school district to inform and educate staff and faculty. Work together with faculty to provide students curriculum about substances and mental health.