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DEAR PIP: Where and how do I safely dispose of my son’s used and/or expired EpiPens?

Updated: May 14, 2022

That is a great question! My son also uses EpiPens so this is something I’ve personally had to sort out for our family. And the answer actually depends on whether or not the EpiPen has been used. Medications delivered through a sharp delivery system cannot be dropped off at most the Take-Back sites across the community. All sharps require a separate disposal for different safety reasons. We have a couple of options for USED sharps but currently, there aren’t any great options for UNUSED EpiPens. Creating a local disposal for unused EpiPens, Narcan, Naloxone, and other meds delivered via sharps is a 2021-2022 priority of Partners in Prevention. Hopefully more to come on that.

UNUSED EpiPens: Because there is no site or take-back pharmacy for these, the best option right now is to contact your medical care provider who prescribed the medication.

USED EpiPens: If the EpiPen has been used, you can work with your healthcare provider to choose the best plan for disposal (this is especially helpful if you go through many EpiPens), or you can take them to one of the two Drop-Off Facilities in Hennepin County (Bloomington & Brooklyn Park).

NON EpiPen sharps: Check with your healthcare provider to see if they collect sharps for disposal. You can also bring them to either the Bloomington or Brooklyn Park Drop-Off Facilities. There are at-home kits you can purchase in order to destroy sharps at home as well. Additionally, there are several mail-in programs.

Non-Sharp Medication Disposal: Here is a link to the medication drop-sites across Hennepin County. These sites are especially good for unused, expired or wanted prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Here are a few mail-in programs for syringes and needles.

Another unofficial option is to bring your sharps to any public restroom, which has a medical sharps container in it. Seems a bit odd but I suppose that is why they exist!

Lastly, below is a great PDF with additional information and ideas.

Download PDF • 678KB

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