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DEAR PIP: Talk about bullying.

Updated: May 14, 2022

What is it and how does the District define it?

"The School District recognizes that a safe and civil environment is needed for students to learn and attain high academic standards and to promote healthy human relationships. Bullying, like other violent or disruptive behavior, is conduct that interferes with a student’s ability to learn and/or a teacher’s ability to educate students in a safe environment.

The act of bullying, by either an individual student or a group of students, is expressly prohibited on school premises, on school district property, at school functions or activities or school transportation.

Any person who believes he or she has been the target or victim of bullying or someone you know has been the victim of bullying, you should immediately report the alleged acts to your building principal. You may also report the alleged acts to the Superintendent or the Human Rights Officer:

Human Rights Officer Stacie Vos, 763-745-5014 Wayzata Public Schools Administrative Offices 210 County Road 101 North P.O. Box 660 Wayzata, MN 55391

We take seriously all reports of bullying and will take all appropriate actions based on the report. Both the Schools District’s policy and state law prohibit reprisals or retaliation against anyone for reporting bullying.

Violations of the policy and regulations will not be tolerated. Violations may be cause for immediate and strict disciplinary action up to and including discharge for staff and up to and including expulsion for students.

This is a summary of Wayzata Public Schools' Bullying Prohibition Policy #528. Complete policies and regulations are available in the office of the principal, on the District website or with the Human Rights Officer."

This is language taken directly from Wayzata's website.

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