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DEAR PIP: I recently found out my daughter was introduced to marijuana by a senior.

Updated: May 14, 2022

I don’t know this girl or her parents but I want to reach out to them but my daughter is terrified of the backlash. Is there a way at Wayzata to anonymously alert them to a potential concern for their daughter?

There is a system in place for students to share a concern with Wayzata administration through the Wellness Tip Line, which can be found here. You must have an ISD google account to log into the form. So in your case, you could either submit the form with your daughter using her login credentials or you could submit your concern directly to Tyler Shepard (contact info below).

How the Tip Line works: A team of staff from Wayzata High School, including: counselors, social workers, Administrators (Principals) and Deans, will get an email immediately upon the submission of the tip/concern. Depending on the nature of the concern and who is involved, they will decide who will conduct follow-up.

It is outlined on the form itself that the Tip Line is NOT a crisis line. Tips are transferred through email and therefore follow-up should be expected during the school day/working hours. It should also be noted that summer hours will affect the response time because many (if not all) of the respondents don't work in the summer.

Parents and/or community members who would like to report a situation or pass along information about a wellness concern can contact Tyler Shepard at

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