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How we started...


The coalition started as a commission in the 1980s when the Wayzata-Plymouth Area Chemical Health Commission launched as a joint effort of the Plymouth Police Department, Wayzata School District stakeholders, and concerned parents who had seen serious consequences of their children’s substance abuse.


The initial focus of the commission was student athletes, impaired driving, and lack of community awareness of the effects of alcohol. Over time, the coalition has evolved and broadened its mission by examining more comprehensive approaches to prevention, focusing on all student populations.


A couple key turning points in the evolution of PIP have been the participation of the 2001 State Incentive grant (SIG grant) partnered with Hennepin County, the 2011 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Mentoring grant partnered with the Minnetonka School District and receiving a 5-year $625,000 Drug Free Communities Grant starting in 2013.

This year we were awarded the Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program grant beginning October 2018, continuing through 2023. After the conclusion of the ten years the Federal Government will have invested a total of $1.25 million dollars in our efforts.

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