Partners in Prevention is...

a community coalition working to prevent and reduce youth substance use. We are nearly all volunteers representing more than twelve different sectors within the community, including: business, civic/volunteer organizations, health care, government, law enforcement, media, other substance abuse organizations, parents, religious organizations, school, youth, and youth-serving organizations. We rely heavily on collaboration to support our efforts to positively impact our community. We are hoping to reduce substance use by addressing the factors in our community that increase the risk of use and also by promoting the protective factors that minimize the risk of use.

PIP serves Plymouth and the surrounding communities but reaches communities all across the state. Also we currently have strategies geared towards the Wayzata School District and families within their school community. 

Everything we do is measured by our core values.


We strive to make population-level change that has a sweeping impact across the community.


Most of our strategies are rooted in science and evidence based.


We do not use scare tactics, rather we seek to highlight the positive in our community.


We strive to bring new information and educational tools to our audience.


Partners in Prevention is

committed to working collaboratively with community partners and families to prevent youth substance use and promote mental health. Together we will foster strong, healthy, substance-free environments for our youth where every child is connected to a caring adult. 

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