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Proper Disposal SAVES LIVES

Unused and/or unmonitored medication are among the leading risk factors when it comes to medicine abuse and accidental exposure. Most youth get their hands on medications right in their own home! The next most common access points are from their loved ones' homes or from friends, in other words, people they know! We have the power to be a part of the solution rather than the problem! 

Proper disposal of unused, expired, or unwanted medication will save lives. We're preventing kids from accidental exposure, youth & adults from abuse and elders from accidental mismanagement. EVERYONE is affected!


It is also really important to protect the environment from contamination related to improper disposal. It is not good for medication of any kind (prescription OR over-the-counter) to be thrown away in the garbage or down the drain/toilet. Studies have proven that active ingredients from medications, including hormones from birth control pills, have been detected in local water supplies throughout the country from being disposed of improperly. Here's how you can help!


Special thanks to Medina, Orono, Plymouth & Wayzata Police Departments for being wonderful partners in the mission to prevent and reduce medicine misuse. 

Collect all prescription and OTC unused, expired, and unwanted medications - liquids, pills, etc. 

Bring medication to a local Drop Box  (scroll down to see sites throughout the Plymouth/Wayzata area)!

Bring medication to a local drop site associated with National Take-Back Day, which is conducted twice a year (typically Oct. & Apr.). 

Pick up a Deterra Bag (at-home medicine deactivation kit) from one of the Deterra Pick Up Sites (see below for more info)!

6 Things You Can Do to be a Part of the Solution


monitor your meds


get rid of unused precriptions


say something


Lock up and monitor prescription medications: most abusers get their prescription drugs from friends and family. Don't leave prescription medications in an accessible place for your loved ones and guests.


Intervene EARLY: Try not to wait until the problem hits rock bottom to get help. Please do NOT shame your loved one. Addition is a disease and needs to be treated as one. Click here and follow instructions to receive a wonderful, electronic Intervention Handbook for parents.


Properly dispose of unused prescriptions: most of the time, you will not need the entire prescription as you've been prescribed. Find a drop-off location to safely dispose of unused meds or pick up a Deterra Bag at one of the pick-up sites!


Take a strong stand against alcohol, marijuana and drug use: Parents remain one of the strongest influences in teenagers' decisions NOT to use alcohol or drugs. Kids are more likely to refrain from use if their parents make their expectations clear.


Look for symptoms of abuse: trust your instinct. If it seems like your loved one's behavior has changed, it probably has. A few initial signs of a problem include: lying/being secretive, changes in personality/mood, sleeping more than normal, needing money/missing money/stealing, and physical changes in appearance and/or weight.


Join a coalition: We are all affected by drugs and alcohol in one way, shape or form. We encourage you to get involved with a local coalition, attend a meeting and see how you can promote prevention and be a part of the solution.

Find a medicine drop box near you... 

Click for more information on how to get rid of your unwanted/unused prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

What are Deterra Bags?

Deterra bags are at-home deactivation kits to properly and safely dispose of medications in the comfort of your own home. There are several sizes of bags depending on the amount of medication you're looking to dispose. Made from environmentally sound, non-toxic materials, Deterra’s plant-based pouches prevent harmful drugs from entering our landfills and water systems.

They are very easy to use and come with directions for disposal, including 3 simple steps! For more information, go to Deterra's website.

You can pick up a Deterra Bag at the following locations in our community:

Plymouth Police Department - Plymouth (3400 Plymouth Blvd)

Cub Pharmacy - Plymouth (3550 Vicksburg Lane N)

Wayzata Police Department - Wayzata (600 Rice Street E)

Partners in Prevention/Community Ed in Oakwood Elementary - Plymouth (17340 County Road 6 W)

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