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Legalization of Marijuana in Minnesota 
and the impact on our Youth

The Minnesota House on Tuesday passed a 300-page bill that would allow adults 21 and older to buy, sell and use marijuana, joining nearly two dozen other states that have legalized the cannabis plant for recreational use.  

What do parents need to know and how will this affect our youth?


The bill allows anyone 21 or older to buy marijuana and possess it in their house up to a certain amount: In the House bill is about 1.5 pounds, in the Senate bill it's 5 pounds, but we expect that to change throughout the process and come closer to the 1.5 pound limit.


Why is this a big deal? Just as we have seen happen with cigarettes and vape, older friends purchase and share. You will also have to be aware if marijuana is being grown at home when your child asks to spend time as a friends house.  

How ?


Who ?


What can you do ?


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