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2019 - 2020


Meetings will be held at 

Interfaith Outreach, located at 
1605 County Rd 101, 

Plymouth, MN 55447.

Back to Mondays . . . 

November 4th     2:30 - 4 pm     Berg Room

January 6th      2:30 - 4 pm     Berg Room
April 27th     2:30 - 4 pm   *Hennepin County Library
June 1st       2:30 - 4 pm     Berg Room

Partners in Prevention is always looking for new members to join the coalition. There are no qualifications to join and no requirements for becoming a member. The coalition is almost entirely made up of volunteers. We represent the twelve sectors of our community - we are currently looking for more representation in the government, business, faith, and parent sectors. Please join us at our next meeting. All you need to do is bring yourself, an ear to listen, and a mind to learn about what is going on in the world of prevention and the promotion of health lifestyles.  


Partners in Prevention is

committed to working collaboratively with community partners and families to prevent youth substance use and promote mental health. Together we will foster strong, healthy, substance-free environments for our youth where every child is connected to a caring adult. 

(612) 412-8202
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