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Teach your child how to care for their physical and


Brain Campaign

The Mind Your Melon campaign focuses on brain development to help students truly understand how much control they have over their brain health and to empower them to take care of their melons. Information was presented to students in various forms; social media posts, video presentations, and a part of classroom curriculum. Topics covered include parts of the brain that regulate emotion and impact behavior, building blocks to healthy brain development, mental wellness and mindfulness, the impact substances have on brain growth, and addiction as a disease.

The three main points students take away from this campaign:

1. Their brains are still developing! The prefrontal cortex of the brain, which houses decision making and judgment doesn’t fully develop for girls until 22 and for boys until 25.

2. Decisions they make today will directly impact the way their brains wire and fire for the rest of their lives. Teens have control over things they do that both positively and negatively impact their brain development. Introducing chemicals  nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) into the brain as it’s developing can cause permanent changes to its structure and reward system, increasing the chances of developing a full blown addiction.

3. There are lots of ways to Mind Your Melon! Get enough sleep, surround yourself with positive people, ask for help when you need it, avoid feeding the brain chemicals (nicotine, alcohol, etc.).

The campaign includes different marketing materials and events, including print media social media posts. The biggest part of this campaign being the Gray Matters event for parents helping them navigate through complicated, emerging trends.


We’d like to thank Maple Grove Hospital, North Memorial Hospital, and Honey & Mackie’s for their sponsorship and support of this campaign. Together we make the biggest impact.

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