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And that's a wrap...

September 29, 2023 marked the end of Partners in Prevention's 10-year federal Drug Free Communities grant after a federal investment of 1.25 million. It is also the sunsetting of 22-year-old coalition that has been working to prevent youth substance use and promote mental health with relentless optimism and passion. Our goal at the beginning of this journey was to create strong, healthy, substance-free environments for our youth where every child is connected to a caring adult. 


PIP fulfilled its mission to Wayzata and surrounding communities members by correcting the misperception about substances and mental health, strengthening community norms AND decreasing use rates across EVERY category!





Because of this work, we have made this a better place for our youth.

On behalf of everyone who served on Partners in Prevention over the years,

Thank you to all who helped!

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