Did you know that our communities have a SOCIAL HOST ORDINANCE?

A social host ordinance makes it illegal to provide a place or setting where underage drinking takes place, regardless of how the alcohol was attained. Across Minnesota it is illegal to provide alcohol to a person under 21. Although the State Statute does not clearly make it illegal to allow underage consumption in one’s home or property, a social host ordinance closes that loophole. This means that adults or young adults can be held responsible for the actions of underage persons on their property.

City of Plymouth Social Host Ordinance Explanation

SAMHSA's 'Talk. They Hear You.' campaign aims to reduce underage drinking among youth ages 9 to 15 by providing parents and caregivers with information and resources they need to start addressing the issue of alcohol with their children early. To learn more about this campaign, to watch additional videos and to browse some wonderful resources, click here.

Talk. They Hear You.

Talk. They Hear You.

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